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**Due to the effects of hurricanes Irma and Maria in early September, and a fire that destroyed parts of the building, we cannot offer some of our rooms and amenities. We do still have rooms available for $75/night. Please inquire about available payment methods and discounts for longer stays when booking. Current room amenities include AC, microwaves, and mini-fridge, in addition to our great views and friendly staff. If you experience delays getting through, please be patient. We look forward to welcoming you to St. Thomas and making your stay here as pleasant as possible. Thanks for your interest in the Miller Manor!**

St.Thomas is famous for her stunning beaches and views, ever changing ocean hues and, and a wide variety of water sports. Great snorkeling and scuba diving offers a peek into a vastly beautiful underwater panorama, and enables participants to see and swim with an amazing variety of colorful fish, and sea creatures such as turtles, rays and starfish.

You can go sailing for a day or a week in some of the best conditions the world has to offer…or ride jet skis, go surfing, stand up paddle surfing, parasailing, surfboarding; catch the big one sport fishing, or simply enjoy sitting on a lovely Caribbean beach with a refreshing drink and your favorite read.

History buffs will be amazed at the evidence of a rich and colorful past that makes St. Thomas such a fascinating destination. Stories of pirates, and the landmarks where they once planned to plunder the rich trading ships that frequented the area are as bountiful as the freely flowing rum.

Market Square; a short walk from the Manor, was once a slave market, and now sells local food and crafts; and nearby Frenchtown- has some of the best restaurants on the island, along with a small museum celebrating the history of the “Frenchies” who came from St. Barthelemy in the late 1800s, hoping to make a better living.